Can Photography Heal You?

Colorful birch forest with light early morning fog.

Colorful birch forest with light early morning fog.

Photography can heal you! Many healthcare experts agree there is a link between art and the well being of their patients. Numerous studies show that art can aid in the recovery of patients, shorten hospital stays and help manage pain.

The idea of art having a place in the role of healing is not something new either. Dating back to 1984, Roger Ulrich’s landmark research revealed some interesting results. The study found the view from a surgery patient’s window directly influences recovery! Patients who saw trees recuperated almost a full day faster and required less pain medication than those facing a brick wall!

Its not just for hospital rooms either. Having beautiful photography in your home and office can also improve happiness and productivity. So explore our expanding image selection and find some new photography to enliven your space today!

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