Skyline Images of the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities Skyline has been changing rapidly over the past couple years; with the biggest change being the new Vikings Stadium. We’re working hard to keep our cityscapes  up to date with every new building so you can provide the best possible images to your clients! We’ve recently added or updated 12 views of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. These are big, crisp files that can be printed to five feet wide and larger to make a giant impression in any home or office.

You can see all of the new images on our Skylines, Cities, and Buildings page at JoeMamer.comor on Fine Art America.

Minneapolis skyline

Minneapolis skyline from the Stone Arch Bridge as a rain storm breaks at sunset.



Can Photography Heal You?

Colorful birch forest with light early morning fog.

Colorful birch forest with light early morning fog.

Photography can heal you! Many healthcare experts agree there is a link between art and the well being of their patients. Numerous studies show that art can aid in the recovery of patients, shorten hospital stays and help manage pain.

The idea of art having a place in the role of healing is not something new either. Dating back to 1984, Roger Ulrich’s landmark research revealed some interesting results. The study found the view from a surgery patient’s window directly influences recovery! Patients who saw trees recuperated almost a full day faster and required less pain medication than those facing a brick wall!

Its not just for hospital rooms either. Having beautiful photography in your home and office can also improve happiness and productivity. So explore our expanding image selection and find some new photography to enliven your space today!

Top Secret!

Saint Paul skyline

Saint Paul skyline at night.

Ok not really but still a unique location for an image. Where you ask? How about the dining area of the U.S.S. Minnesota Virginia-class submarine!

I was contacted a few months ago about the use of the St. Paul skyline image shown above for use as a mural in the dining area of the submarine. The image was used to cover some equipment doors and add a little color to an otherwise drab living space.

The USS Minnesota (SSN-783) is the 10th of a projected 30 Virginia-class submarines. It is the third United States Navy vessel named for the state of Minnesota, and the first to bear the name since 1921.

I’m sure I’ll never see it in person due to the classified nature of the vessel but I’m glad its there for the sailors to enjoy while serving our country.

Welcome to the New Joe Mamer Photography Website!

Welcome to the new Joe Mamer Photography website! We’ve made some improvements to help you find the images you and your clients have been looking for. Lets take a look at a couple of those changes.

If you are reading this blog, you’ve already found the first change. We’ve combined our blog with our homepage to keep you up to date on happenings and additions to the site. I’ll share new images, thoughts about photography, and insight into the making of certain

Maximum Print Size

As technology changes, so does image file size and quality. With this in mind, we’ve added a maximum print size to each image. A small image file size doesn’t mean an older image isn’t good. It does limit how large it can successfully be reproduced though. You’ll find the recommended maximum print size below each image on the individual image page.

Maximum Print Size
You can also search for images with a maximum print size in mind. If you know you or your client wants a 54″ long dimension print, select the next larger size on the advanced search page (select ‘Prints up to 60 inches’ in this case). Selecting a maximum long dimension limits your search results to images that can be printed up to your maximum selected size. No more finding the perfect image only to be told the file isn’t large enough!

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Quick Browse Headings

We’ve made it easier for you to find the image you are looking for with the browse and search area of the homepage. Start your image search by browsing one of four headings: new images, by color, by subject, or by season. Or, if you have something specific in mind, enter the terms in the search box or use the advanced search page to narrow your search.

I hope you’ll enjoy using the new Joe Mamer Photography website!