What do you sell?

I sell unframed prints on paper and canvas.

If you are a commercial image buyer or wholesale purchaser, we can also provide images on acrylic or glass as well as large scale wall graphics and even ceramic tile. Please contact us to discuss you project. A single use print license can be obtained if you prefer to have others produce the finished print or prefer to print to other media. I also license the rights to use my images in calendars, editorial illustration, advertising, books, and other media.

Can I purchase a digital file of your images?

No. we do not sell digital images but, if you are a commercial image buyer or wholesale purchaser, we can license rights for use of the image as noted above.

Do you frame the prints?

Sorry, we don’t offer framing. Paper prints are shipped unmounted. Canvas can be shipped either rolled or stretched on a wood frame (gallery wrap).  All are shipped to the destination of your choosing.

Why would I select a canvas prints versus paper?

Canvas gallery wrap prints are a great way to add big, bold images to your space without the added weight and cost of framing and the elimination of glass over the print mean you will not be dealing with glare either.

Can I get really big prints?

Maximum print size varies due to a variety of factors. Our largest images can be printed to more than 10 feet in the long dimension. The recommended maximum size for the long dimension of each image is listed on the image page. While the maximum print size is a good gauge of the image, viewing distance also plays a roll. You can also search by the maximum print size to be certain you find images to match your needs. Please contact me if you have questions about sizes larger than the recommended maximum size.

What are your prices?

Retail prices are listed with each image by type of media and size.

We encourage commercial image buyer or wholesale purchasers (art consultants, medical facilities, frame shops, architects and interior designers) to contact us directly for our wholesale pricing.

Do you take credit cards?

Payment by check is required within 30 days unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery.

How do I place an order?

Retail customers can order directly from the website.

Commercial image buyer and wholesale purchasers can order via email, or phone. When ordering by email or phone, we’ll need the following information:

  • Your name (Business name and contact name)
  • Billing and shipping addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Image number (for example MN_1234)
  • Print dimensions
  • Medium (paper, canvas or gallery wrap canvas)

How quickly will my prints arrive?

We promise delivery within two weeks. If you need them sooner we can normally accommodate you as long as the request is made at the time of order.

What if the client is not satisfied with the art?

We always guarantee satisfaction. If you or your client is not satisfied, you can ship the print back to us and the purchase price (minus shipping) will be refunded.

Do you accept assignments?

Sorry, I do not accept assignments at this time.