5 Great Minneapolis Skyline Photography Locations

We’re fortunate that Minneapolis, Minnesota has a photogenic skyline and lots of great locations to view the Minneapolis skyline from. So, lets explore five of them!

Minneapolis Skyline Locations

Stone Arch Bridge

Minneapolis Skyline with Stone Arch Bridge

Minneapolis skyline and Stone Arch Bridge at dusk with Mississippi River. Arguably a favorite!

This is the classic shot of the Minneapolis skyline with the Stone Arch Bridge. Search around for a good location near the water when the river is calm to get a nice reflection of the city, or shoot from on the bridge. Each location offers a unique view of Minnesota’s largest city.

Below the Interstate 35W bridge

Minneapolis Skyline

Minneapolis in purple mourning the passing of the musical artist Prince.

Next, after visiting the Stone Arch Bridge, make sure to take a short side trip to shoot the skyline from below the Interstate 35W Bridge.  Turn east onto 6th Ave SE from the cul-de-sac at the north end of the Stone Arch Bridge. The narrow road right next to the power plant will take you down to the river and a fun view of the city. On special occasions, the bridge will be lit with different colors.

Ridgeway Parkway Park

Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline at dusk from north.

Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline at dusk from north.

On the northern side of town, head over to Ridgeway Parkway Park. Located just north of 35W between Stinson Blvd and Industrial Blvd, the park offers a great vantage point to take in the city at sunset. A convenient parking lot offers plenty of parking. In addition, Ridgeway Parkway Park is a fun place to watch fireworks.

Marshall Terrace along the Mississippi River

Lowery Avenue bridge with blue lighting and Minneapolis skyline at night.

Lowry Avenue Bridge with blue lighting over the Mississippi River and Minneapolis skyline at night.

The Lowry Avenue Bridge is a beautiful new bridge in Minneapolis with colorful lights on its arched structure. As a result, the bridge makes a great framing element to the Minneapolis skyline from the shore of the Mississippi River. As with all locations near water, pay attention to water level and current. No need to take chances.

The Shore of Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis skyline reflected in Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis skyline stock photography

Finally, Lake Calhoun. The lake has a number of great vantage points to view the Minneapolis skyline. It is the biggest lake in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and part of the city’s Chain of Lakes. In fact, the lake is surrounded by city park land and circled by bike and walking trails, making it an easy location to explore photographically. So find a calm day for a nice skyline reflection or wait until a storm rolls through for some drama.

In conclusion, this is just a handful of the great places in Minneapolis to view the skyline. Best of all, you don’t even need to be a photographer to enjoy these locations. As a matter of fact, they are all great for a walk or a picnic with with friends and family. You can always buy a beautiful print of your favorite skyline instead!

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