Colorful birch forest with light early morning fog. Artists Statement
From a young age, the beauty and power of the natural world captured my attention. I spent my time wandering in the woods, searching for things more beautiful and amazing than the last, and discovering the beauty that was too often overlooked. The desire to share what I had found led me to the art of photography more than 30 years ago. That desire has never left me.

My photographic journey began as an exercise to create artistic images from places that were familiar and accessible to me. Over time, our vision can become blunted from familiarity; selectively seeing and not seeing what is in front of us. Cultivating the ability to see through the familiarity taught me we don’t need to travel to far off places to find the subtle beauty of light playing off subject. Photography is a process of isolation; finding simplicity in the chaos and enhancing the subject by patiently waiting for favorable light. It is a skill that can be practiced anywhere.

I was raised in a small Southern Minnesota town, eventually moving to the Twin Cities. Professionally trained in photography, my early photographic experience included work in the commercial field making catalog and architectural interiors photographs. During this period, I practiced landscape photography with a 4×5 wood field camera. The methodical, intentional actions required by such a camera caused me to work slowly, previsualizing the image prior to making a single exposure and moving on. Currently, my creative process has led me back to making images that excite me and capture the beauty of the world around me.

Armed with a creative spirit, knowledge of composition, lighting, and color, as well as the technical ability to translate these into a visually pleasing image, my love of the outdoors is evident in my art. The images express powerful emotion that comes from years of seeing with a photographer’s eye.

Joe Mamer is a Minnesota based photographer and artist specializing in landscapes, nature, and cityscapes. Combining his love for the outdoors and passion for photography, Joe creates dynamic images that bring out the often overlooked beauty in simple everyday locations. Since making his first image more than 30 years ago, Joe has learned his craft through formal education, professional work, and hands-on experience. While digital cameras have replaced his 4×5 wood field camera, the photography remains an exploration of light and the simple beauty around us.

Joe’s images have been published worldwide in a variety of media including wall decor, calendars, books, advertising, product packaging, and magazines. His images are often selected for use in healthcare and corporate settings to complement the interior design and provide eye-catching visual interest.
Continually excited to photograph the beauty of life, Joe is motivated by the grandeur of nature, the beauty of the everyday environment, and the rich hue of life. His objective is to create photographs that bring an original perspective to the world around us.